AMA Recap: The Husl x Infinity Chain

Educating the community and being forthcoming about all the inner workings of the project has always been the priority of the platform. The HUSL team including Varun (CEO), Sapphire (Content/Production), Brian and Jason (CMO) recently participated in an Ask Me Anything event with Infinity Chain in which they discussed anything and everything about The HUSL. The presence of almost the entire team made it even more special and exciting for both the company and the community.

Here is a quick recap of the AMA:

The AMA took place on September 23rd, 2021 at 2 PM UTC on Infinity Chain’s Telegram Channel. The AMA session was divided into three segments in which the first segment involved questions from the Moderators, the second segment was selected questions from the Twitter Community and the last segment included questions from the Telegram community.

First Segment

The AMA session started with Sapphire and Varun introducing themselves to the host and the community. Sapphire being a music producer and artist himself, makes him more than qualified to lead the entire music aspect of The HUSL.

“I am a co-founder of The HUSL, I really had the entire music portion of the company. I’m a music producer and artist. I’ve had years and years and years of experience and music. I started performing actually around four or five years old. I wrote my first symphony at fifteen. I performed at Lincoln Center with my jazz quartet at eighteen.

I also produced and wrote an episode that I released on Spotify, and it is just about to break two hundred million streams in the R&B genre. I’ve also worked with the Chain Smokers in the studio and opened for them.”

Sapphire then continued to explain the motive behind The HUSL, which is to eliminate intermediaries and give control back to the creators and musicians. The present distribution model only benefits the middleman such as distributors the most, while reducing the profit significantly for the creators. The HUSL will change that.

Sapphire also announced a roll-out which was kept private before the session. The HUSL is working on a product that will change the entire music industry for good. The platform has signed over 20 #1 Platinum records and dozens of Grammys and will soon release sample packs as NFTs at incredibly affordable rates. Also, Staking HUSL tokens will allow the stakers to vote on the top 10 beats in the NFT and, if right, will be airdropped the beat.

Sapphire went on to explain The HUSL’s security and audit by Hacken, which ensures that all tokens and NFTs are SAFU.

Second Segment

In the second segment, the host chose a few interesting questions from the Twitter community which J.Hernandez, Sapphire and Brian(Co-founders) answered. Here are some interesting excerpts from the segment.

Q1. Many platforms have reported that they plan to define the specific value of the NFTs, but if the value of them really is the one implemented by the creators, since he is the one that gives meaning to the collectible, how could The HUSL define the value fairly of the NFT?

Ans. Brian: Secondary Market Value as it relates to NFTs is dictated by the market’s sentiment and interest in a particular collectible…That’s something we never plan on influencing outside of creating contests and engaging campaigns to motivate collectors to take interest in our collections….That’s the beauty of blockchain…the community makes the rules…and the prices

Q2. THE HUSL is a platform for musicians, where any musician or artist can convert their music into NFT & sell it. What audiovisual tools does HUSL offer musicians? What benefits does HUSL provide to musicians? And how can HUSL help the clueless musician to create NFT?

Ans. J. Hernandez: At this time we are a curated music platform meaning we choose who is featured. We don’t have a feature at this time to allow everyone to upload their work.

The second segment was arguably the most interesting segment from the session as it showed participation from the global crypto community about The HUSL. It gave the team from HUSL an opportunity to talk more about the project and its future.

Third Segment

The last segment included questions from the Telegram community which the team of The HUSL answered. While there were several interesting questions asked from the twitter community about the token, use cases, community and the project itself. These questions gave The HUSL’s team an interesting opportunity to be more vocal about the idea behind the platform and what they aim to achieve.

Here are a few interesting questions from the segment:

Q. For any crypto project, 1% of its success comes from the idea itself. 99% comes from execution. I have seen many projects fail due to a lack of expertise & understanding of how the crypto sphere works. Do you the qualified team need to fulfill all your goals?

Ans. Brian: Our team consists of a cross-functional group of professionals with experience in driving successful businesses mixed with some of the greatest minds in 🎶

This gives me unwavering confidence that HUSL has the right to win.

Q. How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far and how do you aim to revolutionize the field of blockchain and NFT?

Ans. J. Hernandez : We all come from diverse backgrounds and professions. From an attorney, to Financial Services executives, to a music artist/producer. This allows us to manage the business from every aspect along with the insight and vision to plan for the future. The NFT world is so new, it has limitless capabilities that we are exploring from metaverse to different music opportunities.

The last segment concluded the insightful AMA session that can be read here.

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